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Wednesday, May 10

Celebrity Juice

Aw...the billionaires take time to draw and smile at the less fortunate. Ashton has his cake and eats it too. I bet that's secretly true! A seventeen yr old daughter and a decent looking mom. ?? Much better Beyonce! You look alot better with the fake straight hair. The other hair doo's didn't do a thing for you!Hm...if I recall, Jessica was on stage...holding a new puppy too. Natalie Portman looks like a little boy here. Oh please, these two are so pukey. They are goodlooking and they know it! Oh ma goh! Pamela needs to retire. I think Paris is getting expert advice from Pammy on how to be a whore! and like it! Then, share it for the whole world to see! Here, Lindsay arrives and poses with fans at the premiere of her new movie Just My Luck. Lol. The girl on Lindsay's left probably took up the whole area in the view finder! Sean is already mastering the" over-the- shoulder- stare" at the camera! Lol. [source]
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