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Sunday, May 28


"I'm fine. Nothing to see here! Just bringing my wife a Big Gulp. No, no, I told you, I'm fine. Seriously, I'm totally fine. I don't need that IV drip. I mean it. Back off with that shit. I don't need the sugar water, I'm FINE. Yeah, so maybe I got chased here by a pack of rabid dogs that ate off the bottom of my shirt. So what? Nothing I can't handle. My Jesus sandals and my raggety-ass facial hair have never been better. Just here visiting the wife! Never been happier. She and I are right as rain!" And that's what I figure was running through Mr. Anthony's mind before Jen realized she needed to wisk his skeleton-ass to the Emergency Room at the nearest hospital. I mean geez, what the hell is going on here? Why isn't she with me? Whatever...By Ed Bro [source]

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