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Thursday, May 25

And the winner is... It's Michael McDonald resurrected! It's all in good fun you Hicks fans. Oh ma goh! Where do I begin? Lol. It's a miniature person with oversized clothes. She looks as though she was trying on her mother's cloths on a sneak! Even the cup she's holding is longer than her face. Love the shoes. With your riches though, you need to switch it up and give them a rest! I would expect this from your troubled sister...not you Ashley. Mischa Mischa Mischa! Hasn't anyone told you not to wear the same thing over and over again when celebrity has found you? This girl can wear anything and still look cool! Go Gwen! Ashley Simpson is just about ready to Flash Dance! Who knew 80's fashion would come back. If I knew, I would have saved all the clothes I had then .The only problem I would have is fitting into them! Here's another member of the St. Elmo's Fire era. I do love the black n white jacket in the right pic. Speaking of hicks, this hick, Jaime Pressly, is going back to her Southern roots in calf-high boots. Jessica is joining the 80's club with her jeans tucked in her boots... Back to her old red hair and back to the 80's! Lindsay Hohan is loving the look of big belts, ballerina type flats and long blouses.
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