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Wednesday, May 24


Nicole Richie, despite being frailer than a Weeping Willow, befittingly pulls off the legendary 60's original waif model Twiggy with ease. Amazingly, if you really think about it, her current emaciated look compared to say...the first season of The Simple Life is stupefying to say the least. Now, if I said that this chick didn't tickle my manly yet homosexual funny bone, I would be a liar. I strongly believe that she was the main source of comedy on The Simple Life, carrying the show to the point of hilarity at times. She had me peeing in my panties/jock-strap. So folks, as I close this article I must show my concern for this anorexic anomaly. Never in my convoluted life have I witnessed such a scarily defined, chiseled chin. She is what troubled little adolescent girls strive to be. They want to look feverishly hungry and weak. I guess they all envy that "too weak to carry a little kitten" look. But who the hell am I to judge my Nicky? The $$ she saves on food can go towards a new pair of googly shades...By Ed Bro [source]
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