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Friday, May 5


Miss Jenny from the block. Don't know what block this bish came from, but I wish it was mine. I live and breathe Jen, and even look forward to her next Oscar quality movie (why are you laughing?). Seriously though, JLo never ceases to amaze me. She looks absolutely stunning in 99% of the pics she's taken, easily putting all those other actresses to shame with the likes of her booty. Sure, Beyonce has a banging ass to boot, but JLo's rump is perfectly shaped and rotund. Beyonce's ass is large yet sloppy...not as svelte as my Puerto Rican sista. As a fellow Puerto Rican I can't imagine the world without this luscious piece of ass...literally. Gigli 2 anyone? Don't hate you jealous bishes. Article by Ed Bro.
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