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Thursday, May 11

In Honor of Mother's Day

Julia Roberts and son Finn. Looks like she, in a hurry, threw anything on him. Anyways, she says: "To pull your focus away from your family life, it has to be great.," "If she has a two-hour break, she runs home," producer pal Marc Platt says. "She's utterly devoted to them."
Aw, this pic is my favorite. Kate Hudson and son Ryder. She says: "All of a sudden you have these feelings like, 'I gotta do everything perfect, I'm a mother now,' " the 27-year-old says. She eventually relaxed into her new role. "It's phenomenal. He's made me feel more youthful than I've ever felt. I feel more vivacious, more sexual, more alive because of him."
Looks like Debra Messing is giving the paparazzi the finger. I have a in the world did her son come out with with blonde hair if her hair is red and her husband's hair is brown? WTF? Here are Vanessa Willias and daughters. The left and middle daughter look like mom, but the right one? What happened? She came from a van down by the river! Liv Tyler and son Milo at the park. She says: "Sometimes I hold Milo and I literally feel that my heart is going to blow up with this overwhelming feeling of love," Tyler, 28, told U.K.'s Harper's Bazaar of her 17-month-old son with husband Royston Langdon. Which makes balancing a social life a challenge: "You are so in love with your baby that when you get to go out, you're like, 'Oh, I miss him! What's he doing? Maybe we should go home.' "
"One of my goals is to build a loving relationship so that my children as adults will want to share their lives with me," Moore, 43, told InStyle of raising her daughters Rumer, 17 (left), Scout, 14, and Tallulah, 12 (not pictured). "Everything I do is kind of with the idea that from the moment they're born, it's a process of letting go." The little one looks just like her dad, Bruce Willis. How cute is Michelle William's baby? Cute hat and booties too. She says: "Every day I'm more and more besotted with her and it's harder and harder to detach myself from her,so I don't know. Maybe I'll just wave at all these opportunities as they go by." Oh Ma Goh, how cute is this pic of Brooke Shields and her babies! I'm jealous yo! Britney looks overly done here, like a drag queen, don't ya think? Angelina is already in talks about the next country she'd like to visit. Jake makes a coffee stop and a charitable donation to a homeless man asking for money, during a break from filming his new movie about the "Zodiac" serial killer. Not a smart color choice Nicole. It makes you look top- heavy, like a small baby who's head usually weighs a bit more than the lower body. Moms, you know what I'm talking about.
Nick Lachey imitates the guy on the album cover as he promotes his new CD, What's Left of Me, in New York City on Tuesday.
Jessica Simpson heads to a studio in downtown Manhattan on Wednesday to record her upcoming album, And the Band Played On, due later this year. One ballad, inspired by her split with Nick Lachey, "is a really raw… kind of naked song that's just honest," says Simpson.
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