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Tuesday, May 30


Folks, let me say that I'm erotically ecstatic that I've found out a little more info on that mystery dude that I posted last week. His name is Mihran Kirakosyan and he's been my absolute favorite dancer in Madonna's crew. You see, I was supposed to be one of her dancers, but I swayed out of the way to let him step into my spot. And that folks is how much I think of others...
I'm absolutely giddy that Madonna knows exactly what she wants and who she wants to shake her ass next to. The only problem here is that she's covorting with the wrong man. He likes men, men like me...By Ed Bro [source]
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Now this is what the remarkable Faye Dunaway looked like in her hay-day as the infamous Bonnie from the movie Bonnie and Clyde.
And this is Faye Dunaway looking more like the evil character she played in the 1984 movie Supergirl. She even looks like she's levitating across the red carpet...By Ed Bro [source]
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Sunday, May 28


Yes, the most gorgeous couple known to mankind have finally spawned their child. Angelina gave birth to a baby girl and named it a tongue-twisting Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. The birth took place amid secrecy in Namibia. The local government provided intense security, making arrests and confiscating film when photographers (Lens Demons) tried to get too close. Thankfully there were no complications and the mother and daughter are doing well. It's no surprise that the media are willing to pay lots of mula for an exclusive pic of the baby who was spawned by two of the most gorgeous, gene-blessed people on earth. Second to my future child of course...By Ed Bro [source]
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"I'm fine. Nothing to see here! Just bringing my wife a Big Gulp. No, no, I told you, I'm fine. Seriously, I'm totally fine. I don't need that IV drip. I mean it. Back off with that shit. I don't need the sugar water, I'm FINE. Yeah, so maybe I got chased here by a pack of rabid dogs that ate off the bottom of my shirt. So what? Nothing I can't handle. My Jesus sandals and my raggety-ass facial hair have never been better. Just here visiting the wife! Never been happier. She and I are right as rain!" And that's what I figure was running through Mr. Anthony's mind before Jen realized she needed to wisk his skeleton-ass to the Emergency Room at the nearest hospital. I mean geez, what the hell is going on here? Why isn't she with me? Whatever...By Ed Bro [source]

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Saturday, May 27


Bejesus!! Did Nicole Richie read my article of concern for her last week? Now don't get all excited folks, she could very well have a McSalad in there, or maybe even a large stack of napkins, but nevertheless I hope that the bag at least contains a bun with extra ketchup...ready to eat. Listen, I'm just tickled that she even went through a McDonald's drive-thru. For what it's worth, I'm glad that my touching words inspired her to turn over a new leaf and consider a meal. Maybe next time she'll consider a Happy Meal...By Ed Bro [source]
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It's a Boy!

It's a boy for Gwen and Gavin! His name is...get this...Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. How Royal. She gave birth yesterday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Both mother and child are doing well, said her rep in a statement. She had a C-section birth. [source]
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Friday, May 26


Clay, what the hell are you thinking? I never thought I'd say this, but your original blonde "spiked wonder" actually looked better than this bowl-haircut-inspired mess. I thought American Idol having some crazed ex-contestant declare his love for Mr. Aiken was the oddest of all odds, but Clay walking out like he was some recovering cancer patient definitely topped it all. Maybe he was doing a half-ass incognito thing. After all, he is in the midst of a gay scandal of sorts. Rumors of his hookup with an ex-porn star (what was this porn star thinking?) have been circulating all over the internet. Maybe a new crazed look will derail some of the recent negative press he's been subject to. Gay Aiken has some new hair for his porn star friend to pull...ain't it lovely? By Ed Bro [source]
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First and foremost, how did this whole "gay as a goose" saying develop? Are geese gay? Are gay people goose-like? However funny this saying is, I'm rather shocked that Jared Leto would choose AOL as a vessel to out himself. Marketing ploy? A riveting epiphany of self-discovery? Whatever the case may be, I'm glad he had the balls to just come out and say it...whether it's true or not. Jared, I always thought you were hot since way back in the My So Called Life days. I don't know if what you're saying rings probable, but I find myself attracted to you even more now that there's an actual possibility of hooking up with you. Read below for the actual AIM interview...By Ed Bro [source]
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Jared Leto AIM Chat

TyeinMusic: what the craziest thing a fan has ever done to or for you? ThirtySecondLeto: gotten my name tattooed TyeinMusic: where? ThirtySecondLeto: usually on the arm or neck ThirtySecondLeto: or flown from japan or europe to come see a single 30secondstomars show TyeinMusic: wow. at least they’re passionate about it ThirtySecondLeto: it’s a very high compliment. There are a lot of tattoos of the artwork of the band out’s actually an incredible thing when people make such a deep connection to what you do... TyeinMusic: so playing a super-obsessed fan, and getting inside the head of somebody so extreme, does that at all affect how you deal with your fans personally? ThirtySecondLeto: it def made me aware of how accessible i am ThirtySecondLeto: i read a lot about how John was so in love with the freedom he felt in nyc, how the fact he could just walk down the street without a care in the world was so important to him. ThirtySecondLeto: I’ve had my share of intense experiences with people ThirtySecondLeto: but I’m not about to start living my life in a box. TyeinMusic: how is it working with Lindsay?TyeinMusic: we hear it was ... pretty good :) ThirtySecondLeto: great. She’s very talented ThirtySecondLeto: goober TyeinMusic: lol TyeinMusic: you guys still hang? ThirtySecondLeto: ha! It’s so funny how perception and reality are so often as far as day and night ThirtySecondLeto: I’ll give you an exclusive.... TyeinMusic: ooh. lay it on me ThirtySecondLeto: I’m gay TyeinMusic: *!* TyeinMusic: please tell me you're serious ThirtySecondLeto: as a goose. TyeinMusic: so does this mean that in real life, you were more “Ricky Vasquez” than Jordan Catalano”? TyeinMusic: don’t tease me, jared! ThirtySecondLeto: Lindsay made a very brave choice to be a part of a difficult, challenging film and we were very fortunate to have her be a part of this project. ThirtySecondLeto: as much as is written about her, the bottom line is that she is a very talented, funny, and smart young woman. she plays a small but important role in the film and she did a great job. ThirtySecondLeto: We are friends and that’s it. nothing more, nothing less. no weddings or divorces or children on the way. TyeinMusic: and that ends the Lindsay rumor.ThirtySecondLeto: hopefully, but probably not. I’m sure we will be caught shopping for a loft in tribeca together this weekend... TyeinMusic: hahaha TyeinMusic: but wait. back up... are you gay or not? TyeinMusic: cuz if not, that was SO mean! ThirtySecondLeto: hahaha ThirtySecondLeto: I’m like Morrissey. TyeinMusic: and... morrissey's kinda gay TyeinMusic: when he’s not being celibate :) ThirtySecondLeto: i thought he was asexual? TyeinMusic: oh, he's totally doin’ it now. TyeinMusic: listen to the new CD ;) ThirtySecondLeto: good for him. let it all out man TyeinMusic: hahaha ThirtySecondLeto: if people only knew the real stories... TyeinMusic: ok, so on to another girl.... ThirtySecondLeto: easy If you want to read the first and third part of the AIM chat they had, click here.
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Thursday, May 25

And the winner is... It's Michael McDonald resurrected! It's all in good fun you Hicks fans. Oh ma goh! Where do I begin? Lol. It's a miniature person with oversized clothes. She looks as though she was trying on her mother's cloths on a sneak! Even the cup she's holding is longer than her face. Love the shoes. With your riches though, you need to switch it up and give them a rest! I would expect this from your troubled sister...not you Ashley. Mischa Mischa Mischa! Hasn't anyone told you not to wear the same thing over and over again when celebrity has found you? This girl can wear anything and still look cool! Go Gwen! Ashley Simpson is just about ready to Flash Dance! Who knew 80's fashion would come back. If I knew, I would have saved all the clothes I had then .The only problem I would have is fitting into them! Here's another member of the St. Elmo's Fire era. I do love the black n white jacket in the right pic. Speaking of hicks, this hick, Jaime Pressly, is going back to her Southern roots in calf-high boots. Jessica is joining the 80's club with her jeans tucked in her boots... Back to her old red hair and back to the 80's! Lindsay Hohan is loving the look of big belts, ballerina type flats and long blouses.
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Melky Cabrera, batting in the leadoff spot for the first time in his career, sparked the Yanks on Wednesday night. His four-RBI performance helped the Bombers offense pick up Randy Johnson (five runs in five innings) in an 8-6 win over the Sox in the series finale. I've been missing the games recently due to just not giving a damn, but I really do like the Yankees. Alex Rodriguez is hotter than a raisin sitting in the sun. And if that's not reason enough to like them, then I don't know what is...By Ed Bro [source]
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Wednesday, May 24


Nicole Richie, despite being frailer than a Weeping Willow, befittingly pulls off the legendary 60's original waif model Twiggy with ease. Amazingly, if you really think about it, her current emaciated look compared to say...the first season of The Simple Life is stupefying to say the least. Now, if I said that this chick didn't tickle my manly yet homosexual funny bone, I would be a liar. I strongly believe that she was the main source of comedy on The Simple Life, carrying the show to the point of hilarity at times. She had me peeing in my panties/jock-strap. So folks, as I close this article I must show my concern for this anorexic anomaly. Never in my convoluted life have I witnessed such a scarily defined, chiseled chin. She is what troubled little adolescent girls strive to be. They want to look feverishly hungry and weak. I guess they all envy that "too weak to carry a little kitten" look. But who the hell am I to judge my Nicky? The $$ she saves on food can go towards a new pair of googly shades...By Ed Bro [source]
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Mystery hot guy under her bag!

Wow, who's that guy? Lol. He is just looking in the camera so intently!
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Tuesday, May 23


Mischa Barton is part-timing as a Crack Dealer, as she delivers a cavernous cavalcade of crillz to the unexpecting public. I mean...look at the quality. It's bright white, and looks like pure grade Beverly Hills/Hollywood Crack. Gold blouse trim and matching shoes sold separately. By Ed Bro [source]
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Ryan, Ryan, Ryan...when are you going to take pride in knowing that you're a very good Friend of Dorothy's? Don't you want to march with the rest of us? I mean come on, with a mouth like that you would have plenty of men clamoring for your companionship. Look at those eyes. Either he's really dreamy, or he's on an eye-gouging dose of Vicadin ES. SEACREST OUT...of his mind!! By Ed Bro [source]
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Her Madgesty taking on the role of Jesus Christ. Nah, she's just using Jeez as a metaphor for something deep and meaningful...I guess. All I have to say is, you better be going to church every frickin' Sunday and eat the Body of Christ as a snack every evening to have the right to complain and consider this blasphemy. I must say though, that even when I saw this for the first time, I did gasp in shock a bit. But only I can complain about Madge. Remember that... By Ed Bro [source]

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We all like Madonna, that's no surprise. But when she has a hot mutha effer below her, like this son of a gunned homo, I fantasize about my future front row seats to her concert so that I may be closer to my soon-to-be husband. He doesn't know it yet, but we'll be having breakfast and brunch together soon. And, err...he'll be wearing that leather headband and mouthpiece while we eat. By Ed Bro [source]
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Celeb Juice

Heather Locklear looks great for a 75 year old women! This girl, Kirsten Dunst, pale as ever, hasn't had a baby yet, but as you can see, she will have ripples of stretch marks. I'm bad, hee. My eyes! Have they deceived me? Oh ma goh! Terri! WTF? Hm... Cuba has big feet! Newlyweds Torri Spelling and Dean McDermott arrive in Los Angeles Saturday from their honeymoon in Fiji. Rumors have been swirling that the couple who tied the knot on the South Pacific island on May 7 are expecting a baby. You can tell...her boobs are not skinny anymore, but she still has that strange gap. Also, the hands on the belly are a dead givaway.
Fashion photographer and pal David LaChappelle swoops Pamela from her pedestal. How cute. Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody from the O.C. I'm jealous. I like her shoes, jeans and bag. Oh No! What happened to my Ashton? He gained a ton. Ya know, Demi isn't doing him any good. She is robbing him of a normal childhood, cause you know, men have a longer period of childhood than we do. It lasts until about the age of 35. How small are her fingers? Lol....and her lil dog too! She looks like her bitch! Jennifer and Vince kept there distance at the Los Angeles premiere of their new romantic comedy, The Break-Up. Hm...I wonder what's going on here? Jen needs to get back together with Brad! Make it happen Jen. Tell Brad you are ready for kids now. He seems to be! Eddie, what do you think about Taylor now?! Lol. Katherine can't make an ugly face even if she tried, that biatch!
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Monday, May 22

He has more shoulder padding here than in the 80's! What the freak? He's hot but the clothes....kill him now!!! Lol. Here, James Marsden is in NY playing the role of a a prince in search of his true love in Manhattan. The Movie is called enchanted and it's about a fairytale gone awry.

Beyonce needs fashion help!

Beyonce making her entrance at the Cannes film festival......they showed a 20-minute preview of her musical Dreamgirls. Americans will have to wait until Christmas to see the former Destiny's Child singer on the big screen.

Mother's Lover...

*Something for my Kieth Urban loving Mother!*: Keith Urban gets his motor running at the 3rd Annual Academy of Country Music Celebrity Motorcycle Ride in Las Vegas on Sunday. The Aussie singer – and Nicole Kidman's fiancé – takes the stage Tuesday at the ACM Awards, where he's a top male vocalist nominee.

Grease Lightning!

Jessica! Where is your motorcycle? Here, she looks as though she is getting ready to play a part in a new version of Grease, if there ever was a re-make, not a role in the big-screen version of the popular 1980s show Dallas, that she is reportedly mulling an offer over.

She had a baby...what?

Brook Shields looking like she never gave birth to her second child...she looks great. By the way, I think this girl is like 40! She looks better than I ever did.

Pretty in anything, that biatch!

Jennifer Aniston in Santa Monica for her film The Break-Up on Friday (the romantic comedy opens June 2). Vince Vaughn, her beau, arrived separately, later that day.

Madonna babay!

Madonna, Sunday during the first night of her Confessions world tour at the Los Angeles Forum. Among the night's controversial moments, Her Madgesty hung herself on a cross and screened images of President Bush juxtaposed with Adolf Hitler. You go Material Girl! Do what you do best!!!

Halle n Rebecca show off there white pre-fabricated smiles...

Halle Berry and Rebecca Romijn having a good old time at a press event for their movie X Men: The Last Stand at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday. Their movie opens stateside on May 26.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the new look of a Godly Gadget otherwise known as Sony's Playstation 3. Replacing the metallic color of past Playstation 3 photos, comes a svelte black color which in my opinion looks clean and downright attractive. Coupled with the system is a pic of the new controller, which in previous photos resembled what looked like a damn boomerang. Sony claims that there is a motion sensitive device within the controller which allows you to bob and weave your hands in sync with the games on your television screen (like we did naturally in our gaming past). Sony will no doubt have systems flying off shelves by it's November 17th release date and you can bet your ass that I'll be the first geek on line anxiously awaiting to purchase my little piece of gaming heaven. [source bishes]
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Saturday, May 20


We all know how difficult it is when you're in the process of moving. Lugging massive furniture, painting countless walls like Picasso, and last but not least, adjusting to a new environment. This is so with my beautiful sister Natty. My workaholic sis has been pounding the pavement for the past week now, which explains why you haven't seen her juicy gossip lately. Fret no more people, for I must hold down the Fort until she's able to poke at her luscious keyboard and deliver you her usual gossip goodness. Here's to my Natty. You deserve a Mother Of The Year Award for juggling both a son and single-handedly crafting and organizing what is to become a sassy new abode. YOU ROCK MAMA!! By Ed Bro
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Friday, May 19


Lindso is looking sweet as she grabs her hips with her usual cockiness and flippant attitude... I'm not sure what it is that drives me utterly insane for this chick, but Lohan makes me question my sexuality. She looks absolutely stunning in this GQ photo stop, striking a pose like she owns the frickin' place. "Look at me with my hot black jacket...wait...look at me without the jacket. Don't you just love me bitches?" I swear that's what she was thinking. Keep the hair black does you good. By Ed Bro (source)

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