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Thursday, June 29

Superman Returns

This preview I provided might take a few seonds or minutes to stream. Superman Returns seems like a good movie to watch at theatres. You probably won't get the same experience at home, unless you have a 52 inch LCD HDTV. That's what I want for Christmas. So, save your pennies for me.(Yeah right)
Pic source (/span>
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This is what Nicole and Kieth will look like in the near future.
Actors Jack Larson, left, and Noel Neill, who originated the roles of Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane in the 1950s "Superman" television series, pose at Patrick's Roadhouse in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles Wednesday, June 21, 2006. Larson portrays Bo the bartender and Neill plays Gertrude Vanderworth in the new Warner Bros. film "Superman Returns." (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)
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No Solo Brad Pics :(

The hype that is Brad And Angelina is not amusing anymore. I can admit, it was amusing at first, but now, when I search for new pics of Brad, the homewrecker shows up with him attached to her hip. Come on now! Enough already. Brad, move on to the next one already. Angelina is destined to be with Collin Ferrell. I've said it before, in my earlier posts. "They are a good match". They both are conceited to say the least. Sure, she is a Good Will Embassador, but just like a lot of unknowns. She just happens to be famous and therefore she gets all the attention on her good will. She is an ok actress and has a unique face. Not so special. People, let her go and especially the paparazzi. Take photos of Brad alone please! Thanks. (Like they are reading this, lol.)
Brad, call Jennifer. [Pic source]
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Anderson And Angelina Interview

In this file photo orignally provided by CNN, Angelina Jolie and CNN's Anderson Cooper pose for a photo during the taping in Los Angeles of an interview which aired Tuesday, June 20, 2006 on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360." CNN attracted 1.33 million viewers for the interview, more than doubling the audience Cooper typically gets for his nightly newscast. (AP Photo/CNN)
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Redesigned Freedom Tower

The redesigned Freedom Tower at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan in an illustration released June 28, 2006. (Handout/Reuters) David Child talks about refinements to the design of the 1,776-foot Freedom Tower in New York City this morning. NEW YORK (Reuters) - The redesigned Freedom Tower at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan, planned to become America's tallest building, will be a monolithic glass structure reflecting the sky and topped by a sculpted antenna, the architects said on Wednesday.
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Wednesday, June 28

Bazar Britney

Britney is sick of the paparazzi taking her pic but for money...never. She will put on a smile if she gets paid for it like all the other celebs that claim to not like the cameras and the paparazzi. Wow, I can't believe how much bigger her thighs are compared to her belly. Her legs are pregnant, lol. Anybody would think the baby is growing in her thighs! Good cover-up here. She doesn't look pregnant. This is so NOT sexy! Being pregnant is NOT sexy at all. Well, it is literal, but you know what I mean.
Bazar magazine and Britney are the perfect match. This picture of Brit and the fish-net over her face is quite Bazar! No? What does it mean?
This is the nicest pic of her prego-self and her son. [source]
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Celeb Gossip and News

Lindsay Lohan gets to dress up like a grown woman for an event that was hosted by Charlize Theron and benefited the Oscar winner's Africa Outreach Project. Janet Jackson with the former Good Times cast – (from left) Jimmie Walker, BernNadette Stanis and Ralph Carter – at the BET Awards, presented an award. Medium, star Patricia Arquette tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, actor Thomas Jane, this past weekend, the actress's rep tells PEOPLE. This is both there second marriage. Star Jones Reynolds will not be on the view when the new season begins. Her contract wasn't renewed, but wasn't known until Star spoke with people magazine about it. She says she felt betrayed and made an announcement this morning on The View. Apparently, the tension and awkwardmess resulted in CBS requesting that Star leave The View now and not at the end of the season. Full story

Sunday, June 25

Product of Whitney and Bobbi

That nose can smell the aliens in space. Don't get me started with those eyebrows! Whitney's clone! Blonde freon-sniffer with Bobbi Kristina Brown. [source]

The Cuckoo Club

Homo Tendencies? Keese me you fool. Yes papi, but do you think we should face the cameras? Justin has a big one. Danielle Ditto claims to have been Justin Timberlake's first. She also said that Justin has a big one. Danielle is responding to comments Britney Spears made about Justin not being so huge. [source] Look at me with my moon shaped head and bad taste. Big bag! Not little. Step # 3 I think, below. Love the shoes Chloe. The dress should be in the garbage. Even Superman can't help you! The boots are some-what an atrocity, no?! Selma! WTF? This is Lindsay's worst picture ever! Eddie, don't look! You might loose interest. I don't know what look she was going for here. She needs a stylist pronto. Oh ma goh, what posessed me to use that word? (pronto) I hate that word. That will be the last time I use it. Big shoes, fat arms? Doesn't go with her thin legs ad flat belly. This girl definately needs bangs. Her forhead is huge. Handball anyone? [source]

Tricks Of The Trade

A quick lesson on how to look like a celebrity in 2006: #1. Wear shades at all times #2. Wear 80's clothes as much as you can. #3. Have a drink in one hand and an oversized bag in another. #4. Wear you hair parted and long with layers. #5. Act like you are in a hurry at all times, even when you're not. #6. Look down and pretend you don't like your picture taken. Did I miss anything? Probably, but these are the main rules to follow. So, get ready, you might have the paparazzi confuse you with the real thing! [source]


Frickin' amazing I say. This eagle is done with such perfection I want to spit. Check out the incredible detail of the feathers around his wrist. And look at it's eye. It looks eerily real...
Now this one here had me astonished. Taking advantage of the natural creases on the human hand, it adds texture to the painting and looks like actual elephant skin. This guy is definitely talented beyond words. Check out the tusk, doesn't it look risen above the skin? By Ed Bro [source]

Friday, June 23

Celeb Gossip and Britney's Black! says she was stumbling here. She looks like she is about to strike a pose. This biatch (Jessica Simpson) can look beautiful even during a stumble. @#%&^$#(#^@%!%$!!!!!!!! Any lower and her beaver will be saying hi too! Oh Nelly is getting ready for a 20-date club tour to promote her third album Loose in July. Morticia/Claire Daines is channeling Gwenyth Paltrow in this wanna-be cool in black get-up. Liv Tyler is back in Hollywood mode, shopping, being a celebrity for all to see, after her Mommy time with 1-1/2-year-old son Milo. Nicole/Madonna attends the Devil Wears Prada premiere Thursday in L.A. This is something Madonna would have worn in her 80's days! No? She looks ten feet tall here. For a split second, I thought this was Angelina Jolie!
Britneys black! She is going through what mostly every pregnant female would go through. Hair frustration! I remember this clearly. I wanted to change my hair drastically during my pregnancy. It's the hormones, I guess. Her son must have thought , " Who is this biatch holding me now? It's not my nannie, or my dad's secret girlfriend, not my grandma or my Auntie Jamie Lynn. It must be a Angelina wanna-be!" [source]

Thursday, June 22

Mario is back!

He's back! Mario Vasquez's new song and video: Gallery [source]

Sunday, June 18

I wonder...that skank!

Jennifer: I wonder what Brad is doing right now. I am so bored here with this one.
Vince: I hope she isn't thinking of Brad. I am good enough for I? I think I can make her happy. Jennifer: I can't believe I am here watching a game. I hope Vince doesn't notice my red nose and cheeks. I am on the verge of crying. Oh Brad, I miss you and want you still, you bastard! Why did you have to leave me for that ho. She is a home-wrecker and a skank.
Vince: If she is thinking of Brad, I'm gonna bitch slap her. Nah, I can never do that to my Jennifer. I love her and will take her as she is. I'm a somewhat good looking guy. She should love me just the same. She better or I'll just cry in silence to myself, right here right now.

Saturday, June 17

In Honor Of Father's Day

"Bo's the best dad," says wife Caroline of the American Idol star. "He'll just sit and stare at Aidan. He loves him with all his heart." And the singer loves letting his son (born Sept. 24) take center stage. Says Bice, "Hopefully we'll get a guitar in his hands in a year or so." Aw how cute.
Oscar nominee Heath Ledger is already intent on giving his daughter Matilda Rose (born Oct. 28 to girlfriend Michelle Williams) a regular life: The family lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., where the actor is in a state of new-dad bliss. "I just fall deeper and deeper in love with both my girls," he told Oprah Winfrey. They're never too young: Last month, Stewart brought his son Alastair (born Nov. 27 to fiancée Penny Lancaster) to meet the American Idol contestants when the singer appeared on the show. "I recently said to someone, 'You're looking at a contestant in 2026,' " says Stewart (who has six kids from previous relationships). Rod must have a big Rod to be impregnating these young chicks at his age! Gavin takes the reins. Gwen is still in maternity node when it comes to fashion.

"I love to feed the baby," says Trump of son Barron William (born March 20) "Not because I have to, but just because I love it." And the real-estate mogul (who has four other kids) doesn't even mind losing a little shut-eye. "I don't sleep much anyway, so if he cries, that's fine." Yea right! Picture this...Donald feeding his son while on the phone with a stock broker. That's the image I see when I read this tid-bit on him and his son Barron.
"It's like you went on a job interview for the best job in the world and you got that job," says Drew Lachey of becoming a father on March 23. And wife Lea says her husband has absolutely fallen under his daughter's spell. "He's amazing and gentle and soft. That's my favorite thing, to watch him with her."

Kevin spends time with Sean .

Now she is a cuty. Ben Affleck enjoys a domestic life, says a pal source close to him. Seal is looking at him with confusion. "How did this child come out some-what cute?

Moms that don't pass down there genes...

Somehow, this child managed to escape his fathers genes. Haleluja! He doesn't seem to have his mother's genes either! WTF?Meg Ryan and her daughter are from different countries. Literally. Meg adopted. Unless she had a great grandmother of Asian decent or her ancestors perhaps?

Lindsay and Paris kiss and make up. Yeah right! I think they just made up. No kissing involved. Sorry guys. In your dreams.

Oh Jessica. What will you do next for the money? She is in character as a dumb red head. Perfect for a Maxim cover. I think Beyonce had too much to drink this day. Look what's on her feet! The old and new queens in my brother's deck. Does that make sense? To me it does! Hee.