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Sunday, April 30

Are Drugs Going To Be Legal In Mexico?

Mexicans would be allowed to possess small amounts of cocaine, heroin, even ecstasy for their personal use under a bill approved by lawmakers that some worry could prove to be a lure to young Americans.
"This law gives police and prosecutors better legal tools to combat drug crimes that do so much damage to our youth and children," said Fox's spokesman, Ruben Aguilar. The Senate approved the bill Friday in the final hours of its closing session. Mexico's lower house had already endorsed the legislation. The bill now only needs President Vicente Fox's signature to become law and that does not appear to be an obstacle. His office said that decriminalizing drugs will free up police to focus on major dealers. by Steven, Mark AP I can't believe I just read this! I think people will now be given a pass to do wrong. Sad. I'm sure others will object.
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Jen's New Series...

Jennifer is in talks with MTV right now to do a show following her life. She will be tutoring young dancers. Oh boy! Another one of those shows. The elite will only let cameras follow them around if they get paid for it. If there's no money in it for them, there's no way in hell the paparazzi can make a decent living from following her around. They smile for the cameras for money, but do not smile for there fans, cause you know,the fans mostly buy the magazines.
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Links To Latest Celebrity News

Source:Digital Spy
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Saturday, April 29

And The Nominees Are...

The show airs on Thursday, June 8. 2006 MTV Movie Awards: And The Nominees Are : BEST MOVIE "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" (Universal Pictures) "Batman Begins" (Warner Bros. Pictures) "King Kong" (Universal Pictures) "Sin City" (Dimension Films) "Wedding Crashers" (New Line Cinema) BEST PERFORMANCE Joaquin Phoenix - "Walk the Line" (20th Century Fox) Jake Gyllenhaal - "Brokeback Mountain" (Focus Features) Rachel McAdams - "Red Eye" (DreamWorks SKG) Steve Carell - "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" (Universal Pictures) Terrence Howard - "Hustle & Flow" (Paramount Classics) Reese Witherspoon - "Walk the Line" (20th Century Fox) BEST COMEDIC PERFORMANCE Owen Wilson - "Wedding Crashers" (New Line Cinema) Adam Sandler - "The Longest Yard" (Paramount Pictures) Steve Carell - "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" (Universal Pictures) Tyler Perry - "Madea's Family Reunion" (Lionsgate Films) Vince Vaughn - "Wedding Crashers" (New Line Cinema) BEST ON-SCREEN TEAM Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen & Romany Malco - "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" (Universal Pictures) Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott & Jessica Simpson - "The Dukes of Hazzard" (Warner Bros. Pictures) Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans & Michael Chiklis - "Fantastic Four" (20th Century Fox) Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson & Rupert Grint - "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (Warner Bros. Pictures) Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson - "Wedding Crashers" (New Line Cinema) BEST VILLAIN Cillian Murphy - "Batman Begins" (Warner Bros. Pictures) Hayden Christensen - "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" (20th Century Fox) Ralph Fiennes - "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (Warner Bros. Pictures) Tilda Swinton - "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" (Disney Pictures) Tobin Bell - "Saw II" (Lionsgate Films) BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE Andre "3000" Benjamin - "Four Brothers" (Paramount Pictures) Isla Fisher - "Wedding Crashers" (New Line Cinema) Nelly - "The Longest Yard" (Paramount Pictures) Jennifer Carpenter - "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" (Screen Gems) Romany Malco - "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" (Universal Pictures) Taraji P. Henson - "Hustle & Flow" (Paramount Classics) BEST HERO Christian Bale - "Batman Begins" (Warner Bros. Pictures) Jessica Alba - "Fantastic Four" (20th Century Fox) Daniel Radcliffe - "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (Warner Bros. Pictures) Kate Beckinsale - "Underworld: Evolution" (Screen Gems) Ewan McGregor - "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" (20th Century Fox) SEXIEST PERFORMANCE Beyoncé Knowles - "The Pink Panther" (Sony Pictures) Jessica Alba - "Sin City" (Dimension Films) Jessica Simpson - "The Dukes of Hazzard" (Warner Bros. Pictures) Ziyi Zhang - "Memoirs of a Geisha" (Sony Pictures) Rob Schneider - "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo" (Sony Pictures) BEST FIGHT Kong vs. the Planes - "King Kong" (Universal Pictures) Stephen Chow vs. Axe Gang - "Kung Fu Hustle" (Sony Pictures Classics) Angelina Jolie vs. Brad Pitt - "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (20th Century Fox) Ewan McGregor vs. Hayden Christensen - "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" (20th Century Fox) BEST KISS Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger - "Brokeback Mountain" (Focus Features) Taraji P. Henson & Terrence Howard - "Hustle & Flow" (Paramount Classics) Anna Faris & Chris Marquette - "Just Friends" (New Line Cinema) Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt - "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (20th Century Fox) Rosario Dawson & Clive Owen - "Sin City" (Dimension Films) BEST FRIGHTENED PERFORMANCE Rachel Nichols - "The Amityville Horror" (MGM) Jennifer Carpenter - "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" (Screen Gems) Derek Richardson - "Hostel" (Lionsgate Films) Paris Hilton - "House of Wax" (Warner Bros. Pictures) Dakota Fanning - "War of the Worlds" (Paramount Pictures)
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Brad as Jesse James

Brad Pitt stars as the notorious killer, Jesse James, in his new movie The Assassination of Jesse James. Brad, I will be the first to see your soon to be released movie. I'm your #1 fanatic!!
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The Brave In Danger 24-7

I wonder what this soldier's fate was... I was browsing the internet and came across this photo. I think it's from TMZ photos.
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Baby Fat No More

Alias is coming to an end, and Jennifer says she just wants to be a mommy. Wow, that's great. She looks great for a mommy. How'd you do it Jennifer? Did you swallow a magic pill? Probably all that ass kicking you do on Alias right? That's it, I'm joining Tiger Schulmanns Karate class!
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100 Most Beautiful People

Three of the 100 most beautiful people... Others include George Clooney, iew!, Mel Gibson, eh, Brad Pitt, #1!!!!!. Angelina in white. Oh Ma Goh! She is always in black. For a UN Embassador, she needs to refrain from her Billy Bob day ways. This frock is ok. Looks like a linen table cloth with straps. She is one of the most beautiful, although her skinny legs and flat ass need help.
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Halle Baby

Halle Berry is quoted saying she will definitely adopt if she can't have a baby naturally. She is going to adopt even if she can have one naturally.
Good for you Halle. But you better hurry up, you're getting old there! Lol. You are beautiful but not immortal. Your eggs have an expiration date, ya know?
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Friday, April 28

Rosie's Back!

Rosie Odonell is replacing Meredith Viera on The View. I really enjoyed Rosie when she had her show in the late 90's and into the new millenium. The girls already on the View will have to deal with Rosie's loud mouth and her long jabber ability. LoL. She can talk...I mean talk your ear off. I think it will be a challenge for them all. Five women talking all at the same time is what awaits us, lol.
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Thursday, April 27

Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony

Jennifer and Mark catching a game together in California. The Anaheim Angels and the Detroit Tigers. Jennifer says "Mark is one of the funniest people " in a recent interview with People En Espaniol.
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Boo hoo...

Jessica is devastated, according to People News. She is...about Nick and his tell- all special on MTV the other day. Jessica was suppose to do a Vanity Fair interview, but canceled because it would only lead to questions on the divorce, according to People News. Instead she is throwing herself into recording her next album and launching a line of hair extensions, People News . "Financially and business wise, she's hotter than she's ever been," says the insider.
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Kevin and Britney were in Las Vegas for Kevin's listening party at the Pure night club for his single "America's most Hated". That's right, as a matter of fact. Mostly hated, from what I hear and see. The absence of Britney only means she's fat and prego again. Why do these celebrities try to hide things? They are so full of themselves. They have to know, becoming an actor or singer involves all the hype and paparazzi and shit. Ya know, why do I even post them here, lol. I guess bad is good too.
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The Beautiful People

Love the aviator sun glasses. Some people are born to wear them, others just look ridiculous in them. Like the Olsen twins and Nicole Ricci....that's right! You need to be adult size for those! There's something very similar about Brad and Paul. Hm...let me think....Fine! Love the dress blouse Angelina! Love the Aunt Jemima rag on Zahara, lol. How beatuiful is the view? Wow, I would love to be there in the Sub-Saharan Desert. Aw, how cute. So cute it's nausiating.
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Angelina's Hospitality Spilling Over

During an interview on the Today show with Ann Curry, she says about her n Brad's relationship, "It's one of those funny things that happens, and you live your life, and you're a family." In the pic, posing with the Namibian folk, on one of Angelina's visits to the African country. She tries to fit in with her do rag, lol.
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Wednesday, April 26

Post corrected below, oops, lol.(Nice Try Bush)

I'm an amateur. What do you expect! Lol.
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I'm completely and utterly enamored with Jake. Way before any Brokeback Mountain, and light years before Jarhead, I had this creepy yet satisfying love for this guy. Maybe it's his unconventional looks that has me floored, or maybe it's his corky wide-mouthed grin that has me completely smitten. Whatever the reason, I've been following this dude for some time now. He's managed to pop up on countless internet gossip sites and his pics are scattered all over television and computer screens around the world. His popularity (thanks in part to the epic and wonderful Brokeback Mountain) has grown to new heights and it pisses me off that I have to share my Jakey with millions of brainless fans who don't even know anything about him. I find that when I dive head first into a fatal attraction, soon after...everyone jumps in to follow suit. Blah!! Jakey and I will be moving to a remote location on some island off the Pacific. This way no other lemming will come between our unrequited love.
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"Whoa Nelly" has been a staple in my sarcastic vocabulary for some time now, so inevitably I was intrigued to hear Nelly Furtado's first album of the same name. I instantly fell in love with this Portuguese wonder and have been an avid fan since. Her second Album titled Folklore(which didn't fare as well as her first) was an eclectic mix of Latin induced ballads that didn't quite seem to catch on in the pop markets as did her first outing (which exploded into the world of MTV). Now Nelly is a full-fledged adult, with a baby under her belt and a mature bravado that exudes a mix of sexy and sweet. Her soon to be released third album entitled "Loose" will be released June 20th and I'm coveting a neat little copy of my own. Her first two singles will be "Promiscuous" and "Maneater." Can't wait.
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Tuesday, April 25

Robin Williams' Version...

This is Robin William's acting out Brangelina's babie's birth, lol. Pretty funny. Pic source here. Love him.
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Nice Try Bush!

Bush is reportedly asking the federal government to launch an investigation on price gauging. Lol. You know, this is not going to change the prices from rising nor is it going to raise his approval rating. Nice try to all the damn Republicans who need votes in November. Really now. Unless they pass some kind of law on this, it won't work.
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Monday, April 24

TMZ's Version Of -What Their Babies Will Look Like

The Brittney and Kevin, Jennifer and Ben pics are the worst! Lol.
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In The News...Gas Prices..Isn't It ironic? Don't Ya Think? (partial lyrics by Alanis)

On a serious note, two Senators said the government should consider a tax on profits oil companies make if it is in excess. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said on CNN's Late Edition, gas prices would go down if Bush announced the Government will be imposing a "windfallprofits" tax on oil firms. This, if the new law would pass. I think they should, only, the government shouldn't pocket the tax. I think they should set aside those taxes and put it into a fund, for any costs relating to jumpstarted, or rather expediting the natural resource plans, energy proposals, they might have (hydrogen fuel cell technology) in an effort to not rely on or depend on foreign oil . The government shouldn't profit from this either. Oil prices are going up due to a reaction by the oil companies regarding the governments diplomatic efforts and interactions with Iran on persuading them from continuing their nuclear program, due to suspicion on creating a nuclear weapon. Also, Nigeria, with the rebel disruptions of oil production in Nigeria. Iran and Nigeria are two of the biggest oil producers in which we get our oil from. The US's suspicion is a nuclear weapon, in regards to Iran. Tehran insists it's for peaceful electricity generation, according to a news article. The government and it's relations with Iran and Nigeria are the causes of rising gas prices. So, if you think about it, it's ironic that Sen. Carl Levin is proposing a tax on this.
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Friday, April 21

Dis The Bish!

Lo for my Bro!!!!! The worst dressed... The bold,(Carmen), the Sleeze,(Paris )and the Beautiful! (Jessica) More worst dressed!
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The Band Of Sisters

Jessica and Ashley or Ashley and Jessica? Which is which? I should try this look. Don't know if it's me though. My long brown flowing locks need not a cheesy head band like theirs. It would do no justice. Hee hee. Just messin wit ya'll.
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Three Days Of Rain

Julia Roberts and husband take a walk through Gramercy Park in NYC. After, they head home to their apartment in NY. Julia's play opened Wednesday with mixed reviews, according to Star Tracks, AOl People. She's a great actress. I am sure the mixed reviews were based on one of her co-actor's performance, not hers.
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Will And Grace has been a staple in my scheduled television viewing since it's introduction into NBC's evening line-up. Amidst the stomach cramping laughter, the knee-slapping honks of joy, and the tears running down my face from violent chuckling, I feel like I've grown with the cast. Between Karen's inebriated and drugged out fits, to Jack's animated sarcasm and flair, there was a special lunacy to the cast. The chemistry was HOMOLICIOUS to say the least. Now, unfortunately I must be the bringer of bad news. It saddens me terribly to say that my gem-of-a-fag-fest is coming to an end. No more Will and Gracey. I can't imagine NBC without Will And Grace on their Thursday line-up. Everything out there a street whore working for that $TWENTY$. I must give an honorable mention to REEBA though. It has great potential. Nat and I love it and so should YOU. Get with it. JACK AND KAREN ROCK YO!! WILL AND GRACE FOREVER BISHES!!
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"Dallas" with J.Lo and Travolta?????

Oh ma goh people, the director for Bend It Like Beckham, Gurinder Chadha, announces Friday that she will be directing John and Jen in a movie version of Dallas, the old 80's tv show. You know, I don't even know where to begin on this one! Lol. What the hell will they think of next? Pic sources in my previous posts.

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Brad Pitt Is The Man!

If everyone, actually people with major dough, were like Brad, we'd have a better world. He is actually sponsering a design competition for parts of New Orleans that have been affected by Hurricane Katrina. A panel will choose six finalists to rebuild parts of the affected areas. It's a great idea Brad. Millionaires and billionaires should come forward and sponsor schools in the urban areas, specifically in the poor neighborhoods. They should sponsor residential buildings specifically for the homeless. I can come up with a few more, but you get my drift. By the way Brad, what's up with that hair?! I like you better with the golden locks you used to have in your "Legends Of The Fall" days. Now that you are with Angelina Jolie, you seem to dress less like you and more Billy Bobbish. Does she like you like that?
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New: Baby, Video

Tom tells 20/20's Debrah Roberts, ABC News, baby's birth "was everything that we wanted." "It was spiritual. It was powerful. It was indescribable. What words can you use? It's still something that I'm processing and keep reliving," Pink says: "I was using examples to attack a mentality that I find nauseating."On her video for "Stupid Girls." Told to NBC's Dateline. Above, Pink is filming her new video. Iew! What's up with that dress??? and hair!
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Mischa, Pup, n Nicole

I want that coffee mug!!!!! So funny. That mug can be a house for Mischa's new pup, below. Nicole Ricci is playing with Mischa's muff...I mean pup. Nicole and Mischa Barton went to a pottery painting store to have some fun.
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Melania on stroller from Ellen Degeneres (I saw this show, Ellen gives Donald the golden stroller) says: "It's fun," "It makes you laugh." It sure does make me raugh!
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Baby Millionaire

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Lil Trumpster

"Melania loves taking care of the baby," says Donald Trump ( home in NYC). "If we have more, it will be terrific." This kid actually has a floor above his parents bedroom that's complete with nursery, kitchen, living room and quarters for mom and nanny. Lucky baby!
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Bahama Mama

Kelly Clarkson is having fun in the sun, that biatch, I'm so jealous. What I would give to be there right now!!!!
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Thursday, April 20

Another Celebrity Has Baby

Dave Grohl and wife welcome a baby girl named Violet Maye, on April 15th. Everyone's havin a baby girl except for me!!!!!! Dag nabbit!
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Jessica Wears The Ring Again?

Jessica is wearing her ring again, but not where you might think. She's wearing it on her necklace, along with two crosses. A source says:"You can still move on and have the memories." A Nick source also says to People: "He wants Jessica to be happy."
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Blue Eyed Baby!

Suri "has lots and lots of dark hair and big, blue eyes,"says someone close to the Holmes' family. "She's going to be a beautiful baby." Kirstie Alley says: "Tom does everything 150 percent, and fatherhood he does 300 percent. They're going to have a great kid." Katie went home only 24 hours after giving birth according to AOL People. I wonder if she gave birth naturally. She had such a huge belly. If it was natural, then I praise her. I know the feeling. Literally!
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